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Creative Industries

A career in the creative industries is incredibly rewarding, as you share your creativity with those around you.

Choose to study from a wide range of fields including: graphic design, interior design, photography, screen and media, visual arts, applied fashion design and merchandising and music.

TAFE offers courses which are run by practising artists, designers and musicians with excellent studios and facilities.

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Available courses

    Brazilian Student Maria Christina, smiling at Perth campus

    I chose to study at TAFE because most classes are practical, so that you learn by doing. I also love to study with people from all over the world. I love living in Perth. The quality of life here is very good. Everything I love I have here, including beaches, parks, cinemas and events. International students make a difference at TAFE. It is a very wonderful experience to live and learn from such different people.

    Mauritian student Amanda at Perth TAFE campus
    East Perth

    TAFE is cheaper than university and provides more practical work than university. I feel more confident and ready to work than learning just theory and having no practice. Also, I feel that there is more contact and support from lecturers at TAFE. There is also a lot to learn from each assignment we work on. We go on site visits and are allowed to be creative and produce functional designs. 

    Student Chris Wong at TAFE campus
    Chris (Long Hei)
    Hong Kong SAR China

    I heard that graphic design is one of the best courses offered at TAFE and when compared to other universities it’s more practical and cheaper. This course helped to expand my skills and knowledge, and connect me with industry.

    Student Marcela at TAFE campus

    I chose to study at TAFE because it is very practical and for me that is the best way to learn. TAFE is the best place to start learning about fashion. All the lecturers are very patient and passionate, which makes you love it.

    Last updated on December 3, 2023