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Get your student visa

As an international student, you need a student visa to study in Australia. You can apply for your visa after you get an electronic confirmation of enrolment (CoE) from TAFE International Western Australia (TIWA).

A student visa will be issued to full time students only. You must demonstrate that you plan to study in Western Australia (WA) temporarily and that you have genuine access to sufficient funds for living in Australia.

View our Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) flyer [PDF 302 KB](PDF document - opens in a new tab)

Your student visa will:

  • be emailed to you by Department of Home Affairs;
  • be issued for the duration of your course of study or full duration of a study package; and
  • enable you to re-enter Australia for the duration of your course.

Visa subclass

There are two student visa subclasses:

  • student visa 500; and
  • student guardian visa 590.

Visit the Department of Home Affairs subclass 500 student visa page(opens in a new tab) for more information.

Visa costs

You can find current charges on the Home Affairs visa pricing page(opens in a new tab).

A guide to other visa subclasses

If you do not hold a student visa and need to know what your enrolment conditions are, please view our Vocational courses visa subclass guide [PDF 295 KB](PDF document - opens in a new tab)

If you have any further queries, contact TAFE International Western Australia(opens in a new tab)

How do I bring my children? 

If you are studying at an education provider in WA, you will need a confirmation of placement (CoP) from TIWA to secure your child’s dependent visa. 

To receive your CoP, you must provide the following documents.

Please email these documents to in a new tab).

Temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) 

If you would like to stay in Australia to gain work experience after completing your Australian qualification, you may be eligible to apply for a Temporary graduate visa (subclass 485). This visa allows you to stay in Australia for up to four years, depending on your qualifications. 
Visit Home Affairs' Subclass 485 page(opens in a new tab)

Last updated on January 12, 2023