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Automotive and Engineering

Engineering is a growing global industry.

Choose from our broad range of engineering courses, learn with the latest technology and set yourself apart with a specialised qualification.

If automotive is your passion, we’ve got the qualification you need for a career as a technician or technical advisor.

Person in engineering attire and enviornment
Philippines student John at East Perth TAFE campus
East Perth

The best thing about my course is the hands on training and also the modern facilities and equipment. I really felt I received a high quality engineering education from TAFE. I gained new practical skills and not only theory-based learning. TAFE provides a globally accredited education that assists students to harness their skills and potential to be job ready in the future. 

Student Sachiho is in the middle of the picture. She smiles towards the camera. She stands in the foyer of North Metropolitan campus. There's an office behind her with clear window walls. There's tables and chairs situated in the foyer. Sachiho is wearing a grey jacket and a floral top.
East Perth

TAFE course units have provided me a chance to acquire the practical skills I will need in the engineering field. The content I have been learning has been challenging, but my lecturers are all very supportive, caring, and willing to share their knowledge as much as they can.

Last updated on May 30, 2024