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Work placements and industry partners

TAFE International Western Australia (TIWA) prepares you to become a job ready employee through a three step process to grow your skills and confidence. 

Step one: Develop your skills through hands on learning 

TAFE is all about equipping students with practical skills. You’ll learn in small classes – through practical assignments and hands on training. 

TAFE student assisting child with play equipment

Step two: Apply your skills in real life scenarios 

Once you have developed your skills, many courses include a work placement in your chosen industry. This kind of work experience assists you to put your learning into practice. It's also great as an opportunity to see what working will be like in your industry. When you get your first job, you will already have an idea of what to expect and do! 

TIWA's study areas that include work placements in registered offsite agencies with industry partners are:

  • animal studies;
  • applied fashion design;
  • bricklaying and carpentry;
  • community services;
  • early childhood education and care; and
  • nursing.

    Other TIWA courses include simulated work placements in settings that replicate real work environments in on-campus facilities. Engage with industry experienced lecturers in classrooms and hands on environments such as restaurants, laboratories and workshops. These study areas are:

    • automotive;
    • aviation;
    • beauty;
    • cookery;
    • conservation and land management;
    • community services;
    • land and environmental management;
    • hospitality; and
    • process plant technology. 

    Step three: Graduate with workplace confidence

    Did you know TAFE graduates earn wages comparable to, if not higher than, university graduates? 

    Skilling Australia(opens in a new tab) reports the median full time income for a vocational education and training (VET) graduate is AUD$56,000, which is actually higher than the median full time income for students who complete a Bachelor’s degree at university (AUD$54,000).  

    VET is known for delivering excellent outcomes for students and industry.

    A TAFE qualification tells employers you have the skills and experience to be a productive member of their team from day one. 

    Last updated on March 15, 2024