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Employability pathways

In Western Australia (WA), there are many different pathways you can follow to reach your career goals.

If you don’t meet the requirements for your university course, we have other pathways to help you get there.

If you prefer to study a more practical course and then start your chosen career, a TAFE course is the perfect choice for you. You’ll be taught through a mix of classroom, demonstrations and hands on training. A TAFE course is a great pathway to employability.  

You will start your new career job ready. You’ll have the confidence and in-demand skills that employers look for. 

Taught by industry professionals

All TAFE lecturers have experience in your chosen industry. This means they have the practical knowledge to help you succeed. 

Latest tools, technology and skills

You’ll learn on the same equipment used by industry. TAFE reinvests in equipment and materials to match industry standards. You’ll develop skills directly transferrable to employment. 

Real life work experience

Many TAFE courses have supervised work placement in actual businesses. You will put your skills into practice, in real life situations. 

Regularly reviewed units of study

TAFE courses are nationally accredited and regularly reviewed by experts. This means your qualification always meets industry needs and develops skills important to your future career. 

Pathways to university

Student in graduation robe, surrounded by family

On completion of TAFE and university, you will have two qualifications that attract employers and give you a competitive edge in the global job market. 

Careers of the future

Student holding virtual reality equipment

Industries grow and adapt. Choosing the right course now means you’re qualified in an industry that will remain in demand over time. 

Global skills in demand

Student stands in front of oil and gas training facility at ACEPT Munster campus

We make sure students of today are successful employees of tomorrow.  

Work placements and industry partners

Student working in early childhood environment

Grow your skills and confidence. Put your learning into practice with our industry partners.

Work while you study

Student at training in restaurant

Know your work rights. Western Australia provides many job opportunities for international students.

Become job ready

Student sitting in outdoor garden area, wearing business attire

Access career support services and job opportunities in WA.

Student Sachiho is in the middle of the picture. She smiles towards the camera. She stands in the foyer of North Metropolitan campus. There's an office behind her with clear window walls. There's tables and chairs situated in the foyer. Sachiho is wearing a grey jacket and a floral top.
East Perth

TAFE course units have provided me a chance to acquire the practical skills I will need in the engineering field. The content I have been learning has been challenging, but my lecturers are all very supportive, caring, and willing to share their knowledge as much as they can.

Jinjoo Park sites on a light pink long seat. She is positioned in the centre of the image. She's wearing a black polo shirt with "South Metropolitan TAFE" written on the right of the shirt. She's smiling and looking into the camera. She has brown hair that's pulled back. She has brown eyes.
Jinjoo Park
South Korea

Having studied remedial massage at SM TAFE, I'm now a proud lecturer. Read my story

Student Yingjun in a car

I made connections with local Australian students and my English proficiency improved significantly during my TAFE course. The teachers were nice and friendly, the courses were industry-related and practical.  TAFE helped to prepare me for university.  After completing my TAFE UniPathway course and transitioning to university I felt better prepared than some of my university classmates.

Student Rui in garden at TAFE campus

I’ve learned much more about the Australian culture and nature and this is what I was looking for, to work in sustainable landscaping.

I chose a new career to come here and start again. Western Australia has the most amazing plants in the world. This made it much easier to study here.

Last updated on March 15, 2024