Semester dates


Students must be ready to join classes on the start dates indicated below. Orientation takes place approximately one week before t​he commencement of classes and details will be outlined in your Letter of Offer.

Certificate and Diploma Courses

Semester dates can vary between portfolios, so please check with your teaching area for exact dates.

Semester 2, 2018

​College Term 3 ​Term 4

North Metropolitan TAFE,
​South Metropolitan TAFE,
Central Regional TAFE

​16 July to 21 September

1 October to 7 December

North Regional TAFE

​16 July to 21 September

8 October to 7 December

​South Regional TAFE​16 July to 21 September8 October to 30 November

Semester 1, 2019

​College Term 1 ​Term 2

North Metropolitan TAFE          

4 February to 12 April

29 April to 5 July

​​South Metropolitan TAFE

4 February to 12 April23 April to 28 June

​Central Regional TAFE

​29 January to 12 April29 April to 5 July
North Regional TAFE

11 February to 12 April

29 April to 5 July

​South Regional TAFE4 February to 12 April29 April to 28 June

Semester 2, 2019

​College Term 3 ​Term 4

North Metropolitan TAFE,
South Metropolitan TAFE       

​22 July to 27 September

7 October to 13 December

​Central Regional TAFE

​22 July to 27 September7 October to 6 December
North Regional TAFE

22 July to 27 September

14 October to 12 December

​South Regional TAFE​22 July to 27 September14 October to 13 December

North Metropolitan TAFE Higher Education

Semester 2, 2018 starts on Monday 16 July and ends on Friday 23 November.

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There are certain days each year that are considered to be of national significance and may include special events, these are known as public holidays. These can vary across states and territories but are usually the same. For many workers and students public holidays mean a day without work.

If a public holiday takes place over a weekend, the next working day will be taken as the public holiday.

View the full list of public holidays in Western Australia​​​.

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