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New course opportunity for international students in Mandurah


    It’s with great excitement that we announce a new opportunity for international students looking to study at Western Australia‘s Mandurah campus. 

    New hospitality study package

    International students can now apply to study a two-year pathway to the SIT50422 Diploma of Hospitality Management at the Mandurah TAFE campus. This pathway comprises the following nationally recognised courses:

    SIT30821 Certificate in Commercial Cookery (two semesters)
    SIT40521 Certificate IV in Kitchen Management (one semester)
    SIT50422 Diploma of Hospitality Management (one semester)

    Students will receive hands-on and practical experience that will pave the way for a successful career in hospitality.

    Mandurah Campus Kitchen Facilities

    South Metro TAFE Mandurah Kitchen Facilities.

    In 2023 Saltbush restaurant(opens in a new tab) opened at Mandurah campus, providing a public restaurant built specifically for TAFE student training. Hospitality and cookery students can demonstrate their skills in preparing and serving food and drinks to members of the public.

    Students applying to start the diploma pathway at Mandurah in 2024 are eligible for the WA regional TAFE international student bursary. This offers AUD $5,000* to new TAFE international students to start specific study packages(opens in a new tab) in 2024.

    About Mandurah

    Boasting an incredible 134 km2 of coastline, internationally recognised wetlands and an abundance of native flora and fauna, Mandurah (opens in a new tab)is WA's largest regional city and favourite nature playground.  

    Mandurah to Perth

    Mandurah is about 70km south of Perth Central Business District. Trains between Perth and Mandurah run frequently, taking around 53 minutes. Alternatively, a 55-minute drive means day trips to Perth by car are accessible and convenient. Take the coastal route on your drive and marvel at the picturesque ocean views that offer endless photo opportunities.

    Visit Mandurah and Russell Ord Photography, Waroona Dam, Drakesbrook Weir & Lake Navarino

    Photo credit: Visit Mandurah and Russell Ord Photography. Waroona Dam, Drakesbrook Weir & Lake Navarino.

    Mandurah Campus

    Situated on Education Drive, South Regional TAFE's Mandurah campus is positioned in the middle of the Estuary and the Goegrup Lake Nature Reserve. You can embark on your studies while admiring the unique scenic landscape the city offers. Just imagine sitting outside amongst beautiful nature as you complete your homework – studying has never been so relaxing! 

    With cafés and shops sprinkled around the campus, you will be able to access everything you need by a short walk or bus trip. Whether you’re looking to study at a nearby café, you’re in need of a delicious lunch or you want to take a break with a dip in the ocean – all can be accessed from the campus.

    Regional bursary - get AUD$5,000* to study in 2024

    For new TAFE international students starting in 2024, TAFE International Western Australia is offering a $5,000 bursary for a selection of study packages at regional TAFE campuses. This money can contribute to tuition fees, living expenses, study resources or anything to help you settle into your new life. Additionally, you will be supported to find comfortable accommodation and part-time work. 

    This is a unique and exciting opportunity that aims to help international students integrate into Western Australia while also providing a trained workforce for regional communities in WA. Apply now to enrol for semester 1, 2024.

    View our WA regional TAFE international student bursary page.

    Thrombolites in Mandurah

    Photo credit: Visit Mandurah and Michael Goh. Image of Mandurah's Thrombolites.

    Last updated on February 5, 2024