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Kudzai’s goal to serve communities in Zimbabwe

Kudzai Charmaine Hwata arrived in Australia from Zimbabwe 11 months ago with the goal to study community services at Bunbury TAFE campus. Once Kudzai had arrived, she was informed of the WA regional TAFE international student bursary through the campus Student Services. She says that she was excited about the opportunities the regional bursary could offer and applied.  

Kudzai admits she thought it sounded too good to be true – however, she soon received approval for the bursary and it greatly benefitted her studies. Kudzai has been able to set up a comfortable life in Bunbury. With the AUD$5,000 she’s been able to buy study resources including a laptop, books and contribute to fees.  

Kudzai is currently completing her studies in Bunbury whilst working part time in Community Services at a local business. She’s making the most of her experience in regional WA, working part time in Community Services and living with family who have also moved to the region. In the future, she hopes to take what she learnt from her studies and open up her own Community Centre back in Zimbabwe. 

How have you enjoyed the course so far? 

I’ve recently completed my CHC32015 Certificate III in Community Services and now I’m studying my CHC42015 Certificate IV in Community Services. I plan on continuing my studies and completing my Diploma in Community Services next year. 

I’ve really enjoyed how practical the course has been and how we practice what really happens in workplaces, which is so amazing and a very good experience too.  

How have you found the facilities at Bunbury campus? 

The facilities on campus are very good and accessible.  

The lecturer’s practical training was the best part because they do a little bit of everything. We watch videos, we write and we do group work to make it fun and easy to understand.  

I get support any time that I need it. For example, I had no idea how to work with the computer I purchased but my lecturers gave me the support I needed and now I know how to use it. 

How long have you been living in Bunbury? 

I have been in the region for about 11 months now and life in Australia is so nice. There’s also so much to learn because Australia is very advanced and up-to-date, it’s on another level.  

In my free time I have been going to the beach for a swim and sight-seeing because there are a lot of beautiful places here like the wildlife parks and the Dolphin Discovery Centre. 

The community here is so nice and very friendly. Honestly, it was a bit difficult for me to quickly engage with people because of the cultural differences and the big change of locations but I got to learn that everyone is the same and very respectful too. 

Have you found a part-time job? 

With the help of the Jobs and Skills Centre at the TAFE, I found a job in the field I’m studying. I work casually at a local organisation where I do support work.  

My experience at the organisation has been amazing and I have been getting good reviews from my workmates and manager too. I’ve been able to apply what I’ve learnt to my work and I’ve been able to learn the job quickly because I’m training at TAFE. 

What are your plans for the future? 

In the future, I’d really like to create my own organisation that provides a wide range of support services to communities in Zimbabwe.  

After learning about policies and procedures in my course, I’ve realised that if you follow regulations then your business can really grow.  

In Zimbabwe, we do things differently. I want to take the information I’ve learnt in my studies and bring it to Zimbabwe to build a successful business that can provide support services to everyone. I don’t want anyone to get left out. 

Would you recommend the regional bursary to other students? 

I would definitely recommend the bursary to other students because it is very helpful and it supports student’s study needs. I’ve been able to purchase essential resources that have benefited my studies. I would advise students to apply for this program. Just go for it, it’s worth it!  

I really appreciate the opportunity that I had to study at South Regional TAFE in Bunbury, they’re always supporting me and I feel very grateful for the bursary.

Last updated on December 8, 2023