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Land and Environmental Management

An environmental management qualification will prepare you for work in a global industry.

You will build an underlying knowledge of plant and animal identification, environmental chemistry and geology.

You will work with industry and community based organisations in the field of conservation, and ensure sustainable landscapes.

Whether you choose to focus on science or environmental studies there is an exciting career ahead for graduates.

People outside picking flowers
Student Tham at TAFE campus
Tham Hong Thi
East Perth

I love nature. I was born and have grown up in the countryside with a clean environment and a variety of natural resources. However, with urbanisation, I witnessed changes of environmental quality as well as the loss of natural resources. Previously, I worked for six years as an environmental manager in Camau city, Vietnam.

Student Ivan in garden at TAFE campus

I study horticulture at TAFE and there is good infrastructure here. We have a nice greenhouse and retail section. You see a lot of plants and that obviously helps because seeing a plant in real life is not the same as studying about it in a book. There's a lot of practical activities and the lecturers are very passionate as they've been in the industry for many years. This is different from the professors I had at university.

Student Rui in garden at TAFE campus

I’ve learned much more about the Australian culture and nature and this is what I was looking for, to work in sustainable landscaping.

I chose a new career to come here and start again. Western Australia has the most amazing plants in the world. This made it much easier to study here.

Last updated on June 17, 2024