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Health and Beauty

The Health and Beauty industry provides a range of rewarding career options, which give you the opportunity to work with clients and improve their health and wellbeing.

Choose a TAFE qualification and you could be on your way to a career as a beauty therapist or salon manager, massage therapist or dental assistant.

Person in a salon environment with beauty cosmetics

Available courses

    Japanese TAFE student Maya

    Australia offers brilliant education in the area of remedial massage which Japan does not have. Remedial massage is not common in my country so we can't study this course full time. If I can bring back my expertise to Japan it could be a huge business opportunity for me.

    Jinjoo Park sites on a light pink long seat. She is positioned in the centre of the image. She's wearing a black polo shirt with "South Metropolitan TAFE" written on the right of the shirt. She's smiling and looking into the camera. She has brown hair that's pulled back. She has brown eyes.
    Jinjoo Park
    South Korea

    Having studied remedial massage at SM TAFE, I'm now a proud lecturer. Read my story

    Last updated on June 17, 2024