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Tham Hong Thi

I love nature. I was born and have grown up in the countryside with a clean environment and a variety of natural resources. However, with urbanisation, I witnessed changes of environmental quality as well as the loss of natural resources. Previously, I worked for six years as an environmental manager in Camau city, Vietnam. I realised that the management skills and understandings of practices, technique, procedures, and standards have a close relationship to my current course and good interpretations of practices will lead to effective and reliable management. In addition, my greatest dream has been doing something to improve environmental quality not limited to in my home country, but the globe. 

Choosing to study the diploma course, I was confident that I could gain valuable knowledge and training in the use of modern equipment, techniques, and effective data interpretation whilst gaining critical field experience.

Student Tham at TAFE campus
East Perth
Last updated on October 28, 2022