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John Kenneth Ceracas

I have chosen TAFE International WA because it is well-known to students like me for fostering engagement, productivity, and ambitions. In addition, it has a reputation in Australia for maintaining best practice and leadership among its students.

One of the great things about this course is expressing the love of food. It's a fast-paced world with a high degree of pressure and it may be challenging to work as a chef, but this can be a highly rewarding career if you are serious about cooking.

I think I can improve my creative skills with culinary skills, especially in food planning, cooking, and presentation. Completing my course will help me gain a lot of knowledge that I can use when I am in the field. Furthermore, it will enhance my soft skills and demonstrate my strong work ethics. Also, it will boost my confidence to attain success. Lastly, completing my course will fulfill my journey as a student who turned a dream into a reality.

Philippines student John at TAFE kitchen training facility
Last updated on December 8, 2022