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Accommodation for students under 18

International students who are under 18 years old need to live with a local carer in Australia. Students can live:

  1. with a parent;
  2. with a blood relative over 21 years of age, who is nominated by a parent or legal guardian and approved by the Department of Home Affairs(opens in a new tab); or
  3. in a homestay with an Australian family — you must apply through our homestay provider Australian Homestay Network (AHN)(opens in a new tab).

Western Australian Government schools do not offer residential accommodation to students.

Australian Homestay Network (AHN)

The homestay option is only available to students in Year 8 and above.  If the student does not nominate a relative, then the student must live in homestay accommodation organised by Australian Homestay Network (AHN)(opens in a new tab), the accommodation provider in WA. Homestay is only available in the metropolitan area – regional placements will only be considered where a parent-nominated homestay can be arranged. 

An AHN Homestay student is provided with:

  • a clean fully furnished room;
  • a supportive family environment to live in;
  • meals;
  • utilities (however, overseas telephone calls and internet usage can be negotiated);
  • AHN 24/7 professional telephone support;
  • AHN contents insurance for students and hosts (as per AHN insurance policy); and
  • airport pickup (to be arranged at a cost of AUD$162), which will take the student directly to their homestay (mandatory for minors).

Homestay costs

Full service homestay (three meals per day) costs AUD$325 per week.

For further information please view the Homestay Standards(opens in a new tab) provided by the Australian Government Schools International (AGSI) or view the Australian Government Schools International Homestay Standards brochure [PDF 376 KB](PDF document - opens in a new tab).

The AHN Accommodation requirements for under 18s fact sheet [PDF 1 MB](PDF document - opens in a new tab) specifies accommodation and welfare requirements for overseas students under 18 years of age with a student visa studying with an Australian education provider.

Confirmation of appropriate accommodation and welfare letter

To apply for a student visa, students under 18 need a Confirmation of appropriate accommodation and welfare (CAAW) letter to be issued by TAFE International Western Australia (TIWA). To issue this letter, we require:

The CAAW is valid from seven days before commencement of studies, until seven days after completion. The student cannot arrive before, or depart after, this period.

  • Students cannot change homestay without TIWA approval.
  • Two weeks' written notice (signed by the student's parent) is required for early departure from a homestay.
  • Students issued with a CAAW must advise TIWA of their holiday arrangements each term.

Airport pickup

Airport pickup is compulsory for students under 18, and travel by taxi, Uber or other rideshare service is not permitted. If you wish to make alternative travel arrangements, you must submit a Request to vary travel arrangements form [PDF 227 KB](PDF document - opens in a new tab) and receive approval from TIWA.

For more information, view our Planning your arrival page.

Last updated on April 10, 2024