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Rudra's path to becoming a nurse at CR TAFE

I am studying at the Central Regional TAFE’s Geraldton Campus and currently studying the HLT54121 Diploma of Nursing. I heard about the regional bursary for TAFE international students through Lea Arnold, a staff member at Geraldton campus.

I decided to apply because I thought it was a good amount of money and would immensely help me in covering the funds for the course I am undertaking. 

How have you enjoyed the course so far?

I have been studying this course for the past six weeks now. Honestly, I’ve enjoyed a lot of things about this course. Especially the practicality applied in learning nursing procedures.

I will use this course as a stepping stone for my goal of becoming a flight paramedic. 

How have you found the facilities at Geraldton campus?

I quite like the facilities that are available on the campus. 

I like our teacher’s practical approaches to training us, both in the classrooms and in our nursing rooms. 

How long have you been living in Geraldton?

I have been living in the region for around five months now roughly. Honestly speaking, nothing compares to life back home in India, but I do find it quite pleasant here in Australia. 

I have been around some beautiful beaches and cafes here in Geraldton, and I absolutely love them. 

I do like the people here, everyone is friendly. 

Would you recommend the regional bursary to other students?

Yes, I would recommend other students to apply for the regional bursary as it does help a lot in covering your payments. 

Last updated on December 18, 2023