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Massa’s passion for food and the outdoors


    Perth Western Australia (WA) is a beautiful place for students to travel, live and study. If you’re thinking of coming here to learn, you may be wondering what course to choose or which city to live in. 

    We spoke to TAFE International Western Australia (TIWA) graduates to better understand why they picked Perth, what they chose to study and how they’ve found their experience overall. One of those graduates is Masahiro Hisaeda (Massa), who studied commercial cookery and hospitality management at North Metropolitan TAFE’s Joondalup campus and is now a successful chef.

    Massa is originally from Japan and came to Western Australia five years ago. He was initially here to improve his English, but then decided he wanted to continue living in Perth. Being a fan of camping, beaches and a warm climate meant Perth seemed like the perfect place to live.

    Massa was on a short term visa to study English, but knew he wanted to stay and needed to find a career path that would help establish him in Western Australia. 

    After assessing his options, he decided that studying the SIT30816 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery and SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management with TIWA would be the best way to pursue his passion for food. 
    Massa tells us that the courses offered at TIWA were the perfect way to begin learning the skills of hospitality management. 

    A draw towards the beach

    Massa has loved being close to nature while living in WA. When we called to chat to Massa, he was driving north from Perth to spend time camping with his partner on their holiday. 

    Massa loves hiking, surfing and driving. He often takes his four-wheel drive car on road trips, and since being in WA has ventured as far north as Exmouth (a 13-hour drive from Perth), as far south as Esperance (an eight-hour drive from Perth), and everywhere in.
    “I currently live in Scarborough and have learned to surf at the local beach.” he says. “It is just down the road from where I now live.” 

    A passion for food

    Not only does Massa have a passion for cooking good, traditional Japanese food, but he also tells us that hospitality management is an in-demand skill in WA. By studying his chosen course, Massa could combine his enthusiasm for culinary service with the relevant skills needed for employment opportunities upon graduation.

    Massa felt that the supportive environment at TAFE greatly assisted him in feeling more prepared for working in the industry. He says that the teaching staff were very knowledgeable, passionate and helpful.
    “My time studying at North Metropolitan TAFE was amazing.” Massa says. “There was one particular teacher at Joondalup campus who had a lot of knowledge. She was passionate, always sharing stories and prepared to help the students.”
    Massa tells us that his present employment is thanks to the connections he made at TAFE. 
    “I finished my course last December and now work in the hospitality industry.” he says. “The job I have found was because of meeting people through my teachers, and I was invited to work there after graduating.”

    What next?

    Massa tells us he hopes to live in Perth indefinitely, and one day open his own restaurant.

    “I love being a chef and I really love Perth. My dream is to open my own restaurant which serves people modern Japanese food.” he says. “I have met my partner here and have many new connections with people in the city. I am glad to be living here.”
    Massa recommends the experience to those considering a move abroad. His advice for anyone interested in TAFE is to prepare early. You can find helpful information about course hours, materials and unit details online so the earlier you begin researching your study options, the better career decisions you will be prepared to make.

    If you’re interested in finding out more, you can contact TIWA for advice(opens in a new tab) on how to navigate your study and career journey.

    Last updated on August 31, 2023