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Making the most of the $5,000 regional bursary: Yuwa Raj Ghalley

I am located at Central Regional TAFE Geraldton campus, Western Australia. I am studying the SFI50119 Diploma of Aquaculture.  

I heard about this course from a senior colleague of mine who also mentioned the $5,000 regional bursary. I read more about the package on the website and I decided to apply immediately.  

The bursary is a great opportunity to study at TAFE in Australia. Australia has a good reputation in my country. 

How have you enjoyed the course so far? 

I have been studying this course for the past eight months and so far it has been an amazingly exciting journey as everything is new for me. 

I really enjoy going out in the ocean and completing practical work. That’s my favourite part of the course.  

In the future I am planning to work at one of the seafood industries or in the fisheries sector to get equipped with more experience and knowledge, before I actually start my own business. 

How have you found the facilities at Geraldton campus? 

The Geraldton TAFE campus has all of the resources I need for my studies. The lecturers and staff are all very friendly and helpful.  

The weather was extremely hot when I first arrived but I have slowly adapted as it got cooler. 

How long have you been living in Geraldton? 

I have been here for nearly eight months and Australia is as I had expected, a great place. Compared to back home, Australia is more advanced, and the weather is awesome.  

When I’m not studying I often cycle around town or go swimming at the beach. The people here are friendly. 

Have you found a part-time job? 

I have got a casual job as an aquaculture technician, which is a very nice job as it relates to what I’m studying. The pay is good and I’m able to pay my rent and college tuition fees with ease. 

Would you recommend the regional bursary to other students? 

Yes. There’s lots of benefits to applying for the $5,000 regional bursary and the help with finding accommodation makes your stay very convenient.    

Overall I can say that the college, course and the country are very nice for an international student or foreigner to visit. I felt the decision to come here was worth it. 

Last updated on December 8, 2023