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Get AUD$5,000* to study in 2024 at regional TAFE colleges


    TAFE International Western Australia (TIWA) is offering AUD$5,000* for international students to start studies at TAFE in regional Western Australia in 2024!

    This money can help pay for costs such as technology, books, food, accommodation, student fees or any items which are going to make the student’s life in WA more comfortable.

    Additionally, students will be given support to find accommodation and a place to work.

    * Eligibility criteria apply. For full details including how to apply, please visit the WA regional TAFE international student bursary page.

    View eligible course study packages and campuses [PDF 142 KB](PDF document - opens in a new tab)

    What’s regional Western Australia like?

    Western Australia (WA) is the country’s largest state, covering the entire western third of Australia. If you were to travel from the South to the North of WA, it would take around 36 hours of non-stop driving (Kununurra to Albany) with vastly different landscapes, towns and landmarks along the way. The sheer size and diversity of WA makes the state a unique and special destination to visit, live and study in.

    Regional cities are small cities outside of the major metropolitan areas. While small, these beautiful areas hold incredible natural landmarks, boutique shops, delicious eateries and welcoming communities – making them ideal locations for students!

    Person standing on walkway platform, looking over country hills

    Image of Kalbarri Skywalk courtesy of Tourism Western Australia


    Renowned for its coast and laidback lifestyle, Geraldton is ideal for those who enjoy soaking up the warm weather, visiting the beach and embracing the friendly community.

    Alongside great beaches, in the city centre, you’ll find trendy cafes, street art and galleries. Within a two-hour drive radius you can also find tourist hot-spots such as the Kalbarri skywalk(opens in a new tab), Yamaji Drive Trail(opens in a new tab) and Abrolhos Islands(opens in a new tab).

    Must do

    Only an hour’s drive from Geraldton is the visionary Hutt Lagoon aka “the pink lake.(opens in a new tab)” The extremely high levels of salinity in the lagoon gives the water a captivating colour of pink, lilac and sometimes red. Take your camera so that you can fill your socials with this impressive scene!

    Campus location

    175 Fitzgerald St, Geraldton WA 6530

    Person in hot air balloon above clouds, looking out towards another hot air balloon; sunset in background

    Image of Northam courtesy of Tourism Western Australia


    Made famous by its hot air ballooning, Northam is WA’s hidden gem located approximately 97 kilometres east-northeast of Perth (90 minute drive) in the Avon Valley. With impressive landscapes of green, golden fields of canola flowers and the Avon River, Northam is a relaxing nature paradise that brings peace and serenity.

    Some of Northam’s biggest attractions include the hot air ballooning that will offer breathtaking views of the region. There are also hot air ballooning competitions organised throughout the year, which sprinkle the sky with colourful balloons amongst the clouds. And let’s not forget WA’s highly anticipated Avon Descent white water event, which begins in Northam at Katrine Bridge.

    Must do

    Although hot air ballooning runs throughout the year, the best time to book your flight is in winter. Cold and crisp mornings ballooning will offer incredible views of the misty green landscapes.

    Campus location

    LOT 1 Hutt St, Northam WA 6401

    Dolphins coming to water surface

    Image of Dolphin Discovery Centre in Bunbury courtesy of Tourism Western Australia


    Located approximately two hours south of Perth you’ll find the peaceful and friendly town of Bunbury. Known for its great beaches, colourful street art trails and a foreshore frequented by dolphins – Bunbury is a desirable location to visit and live.

    Cafes, shops, restaurants and nightlife, Bunbury offers everything you need to be your home away from home. With everything in close proximity, you can walk, bike or bus to your next destination. It’s easy to build a comfortable life in this port city.

    Must do

    Between November to April every year is dolphin season, which brings playful dolphins to the Bunbury waters. Watch and appreciate the beautiful creatures at the Bunbury and Koombana Bay Interaction Zone, a special dolphin protection area that allows for safe and enjoyable interaction between humans and dolphins.

    Campus location

    Robertson Drive, Bunbury WA 6230

    Bush and park lands

    Image of Hammond Park in Kalgoorlie courtesy of Tourism Western Australia


    In the heart of WA's golden outback lies the bustling town of Kalgoorlie. Situated within the Goldfields–Esperance region of Western Australia, Kalgoorlie can be found 595 km to the east-northeast of Perth (equivalent to a drive of approximately six hours and 45 minutes, or a one-hour flight). This town holds the title of being the largest outback settlement in Western Australia.

    Kalgoorlie holds a rich (literally, and figuratively) history, with gold mines established in the region during the late 1800s. Today, the region produces a staggering 900,000 ounces(opens in a new tab) of gold each year.

    Whilst gold hides beneath, a vibrant nightlife shines above. Nature parks, art centres, museums and more make up the soul of the town, bringing great fun to visitors and locals throughout the week.

    Must do

    A visit to Kalgoorlie isn’t complete without stopping at the Super Pit Lookout. This is the largest open-cut mine in the world and the biggest gold mine in Australia. Marvel at this grand landmark and savour this rare opportunity to see a working mine. 

    Campus location

    34 Cheetham St, Kalgoorlie WA 6430

    Tourists looking at wooden giant construction, sitting on rocky outcrop

    Image of Seba’s Song – Giants Of Mandurah, courtesy of Visit Mandurah


    The newest addition to our WA regional TAFE international student bursary package is the Mandurah campus, a town located only 70km from the Perth CBD, which is only an approximate 55-min road trip or 53-min train ride. This close proximity to the city means students can easily experience the perks of both the city and the regional life. Although once students visit Mandurah, they might not want to leave!

    Mandurah is WA’s largest regional city, offering a diverse range of attractions that draw in tourists from around the world. From the globally significant Ramsar-listed wetlands, the breathtaking coastline and the fresh and delicious cuisine, Mandurah is full to the brim of exciting adventures.

    Must do

    The Giants of Mandurah(opens in a new tab) is a free outdoor exhibition showcasing the impressive Giants created by artist Thomas Dambo. Hidden throughout the city’s bushlands, wetlands and waterways, half the fun is finding the Giants! Make sure you don’t miss out, the exhibition ends December 2025.

    Campus location

    2 Education Dr, Greenfields WA 6210

    Rocky outcrop with crashing water

    Image of The Gap at Torndirrup National Park courtesy of Tourism Western Australia


    Located at the southern tip of WA, Albany is a place of unique charm and significance. The town’s pristine coastline boasts soft white sand and clear waters, making it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

    The city's historical importance is evident in its well-preserved heritage architecture and museums that recount its role in Australia's colonial past. Beyond its tangible attractions, Albany's sense of community and welcoming atmosphere creates a distinct warmth, inviting both locals and visitors to experience its blend of natural beauty and rich history.

    About a 4.5 hour drive from Perth, Albany is a beautiful town. With pristine beaches and walking trails, Albany’s best attractions are provided by nature.

    Must do

    King Sound George in Albany is one of the very few places in Australia where you can watch Humpback & Southern Right whales from the shore. Watch for free from the shoreline or book in a tour by boat – either way you’ll be blown away by these magnificent creatures.

    Campus location

    5 Anson Rd, Orana WA 6330

    Sunset image of camels walking on back with sailship in background

    Image of Willie Creek Pearl Farm, Broome courtesy of Tourism Western Australia


    Moving up to the north of WA, you’ll find Broome, a pocket of beach paradise that is well known for Cable Beach (a 22 km stretch of white sand beach), a rich history in pearling and its diverse culture. Broome is a 2.5-hour plane trip from Perth.

    Must do

    Broome’s camel back rides are famous in the region and are simply a must when visiting the area. The camel rides run during sunrise and sunset, offering a unique and unforgettable experience that will showcase the mesmerising views of Cable Beach.

    Campus location

    68 Cable Beach Rd E, Djugun WA 6725

    Waterfalls in brown rocky landscape

    Image of Punamii-Uunpuu (Mitchell Falls) courtesy of Tourism Western Australia

    Your adventure awaits!

    No matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for, the options are endless in Western Australia. Find the location that reflects your needs and start your application to study in regional WA. 

    View our WA regional TAFE international student bursary page to learn more.

    Last updated on February 5, 2024