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Five things you should know about your TAFE campus location


    You'll be spending a lot of time at your TAFE campus, during your studies in Western Australia (WA). It's important to know the facts about your future campus location! There are many TAFE campus locations in WA to choose from. You may find that your course runs anywhere from Perth's busy city centre, to WA's relaxing coastal towns.

    Let's take you through the five things that you need to know about your future WA TAFE campus.

    TAFE campuses are located in industry specific areas.

    One of the best things about WA TAFE campuses is that they are generally in areas that are relevant to your course — that's because every campus specialises in different courses and industries.

    For example; the Fremantle TAFE campus is located in the port city of Fremantle. Here, students studying maritime courses have access to a specialist maritime facility. Similarly, the Perth TAFE campus for creative industries is located a few minutes' walk from the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art and the Art Gallery of Western Australia(opens in a new tab). Likewise, in regional WA students studying aquaculture or fishing operations can study at the Geraldton TAFE campus – located in Geraldton, a beachside city on the Coral Coast of WA. Its beaches and sunny climate make it popular with water sport enthusiasts and marine adventurers. Whilst students studying hospitality at Bunbury TAFE campus can take advantage of accessing opportunities for work experience in the bustling wineries, restaurants and hotels in the South West region,(opens in a new tab)

    With many TAFE campuses being based in an industry specific location, as a TIWA student you'll be able to immerse yourself in your future industry, and build a valuable network for your career.

    There are food options everywhere

    If there's anything that can get you through a long day of classes, it's good food! While all WA TAFE campuses have fantastic food outlets and eateries on site, it's good to know that there are other places to eat off-campus nearby.

    There are several TAFE campuses located in the Perth CBD and inner city suburbs that offer access to a variety of eateries serving almost any cuisine that you could be in the mood for. Choose between casual cafés, lively bars, or even high-end restaurants for any special celebrations. Likewise Bentley, Murdoch and Fremantle TAFE campuses, which are located in Perth's southern suburbs, offer everything from American style burgers to seafood restaurants. 

    What's more, our regional campuses in Geraldton, Margaret River and Bunbury(opens in a new tab) are only a short drive away from delicious eateries. In fact, students in regional locations will have access to some of WA's best produce and gourmet food!

    Close to part time work opportunities

    To support living expenses while studying in Australia, many international students choose to find a part time or casual job. All WA TAFE campuses are conveniently located near casual and part time work opportunities, making it easier for students to find a job while they are here.  

    Located in the heart of the city centre, the Perth TAFE campus offers access to job opportunities in the city centre's many bars, restaurants, and retail stores. The Fremantle TAFE campus is located near many hospitality venues. Students at Bentley TAFE campus have access to one of Perth's largest retail centres, Westfield Carousel, and students at Murdoch Campus are close to Westfield Booragoon, while students at Joondalup campus are right next door to Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre. 

    For students studying at the Margaret River or Bunbury TAFE campus, you will have access to the South West region's busy wineries, cafés and tourist attractions. Likewise for students studying at Geraldton campus, there are many coastal tourist attractions, shops and restaurants(opens in a new tab) that require a roster of casual staff throughout the year for part time work. These campuses are also ideally located for seasonal fruit picking and farm work.

    There's a public transport option for everyone

    As a student, you want to be able to travel to and from your TAFE campus easily. Most campuses provide parking, and with plenty of public transport options students can enjoy a simple commute. The TAFE campuses in Perth are all accessible by an extensive public transport network of buses and trains. There are also a number of cycling and walking routes for students who live nearby.

    While regional TAFE campuses such as Margaret River, Bunbury and Geraldton have access to public transport routes, they also offer free all day parking to make things easier.

    Close to local sights and attractions

    TAFE campuses are located in areas that allow you to experience the best of Western Australia(opens in a new tab). For TIWA students at the Perth TAFE campus located in Northbridge, there are many opportunities to explore the bustling city centre after class. Check out the WA Museum Boola Bardip(opens in a new tab), the State Theatre of Western Australia, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art and the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

    For students studying at the Margaret River TAFE campus in South West WA, hit the surf in Margaret River or at Bunbury TAFE campus you can befriend the wild dolphins at Koonbana Bay(opens in a new tab) and explore Manjimup's magical southern forests(opens in a new tab).

    Students at Geraldton TAFE campus can enjoy sensational beaches, check out the famous Pink lake at Port Gregory(opens in a new tab) and travel to Kalbarri National Park(opens in a new tab).

    No matter which TAFE campus you're based at, you're guaranteed to get to know the beautiful state of Western Australia.

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    Last updated on October 27, 2023