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Embracing the community in Broome: Kersti Orno

Which campus are you studying at? 

When deciding where I should study, I researched different states in Australia and different study options. I found the $5,000 regional bursary and decided to apply. I chose the Broome campus because I had previously lived in Kununurra and I knew I liked the Kimberley area. I have also visited Broome before and appreciated the lifestyle of Western Australia’s North West. 

How have you enjoyed the course so far? 

I began my studies at the start of 2023 in CHC32015 Certificate III in Community Services that I have now finished. I am now studying CHC42015 Certificate IV in Community Services.   

I’ve really enjoyed everything about the course because it covered a very wide range of topics. You go on a personal journey throughout the course as it’s relevant to everybody’s personal life. 

I plan to use these studies to change my career path. I was working in hospitality and I needed a change. The community services course at the Broome campus looked very exciting to me and I was eager to learn more.   

I’m currently learning about disability and really enjoying that. 

How have you found the facilities at Broome campus? 

The campus is amazing – I love it. It’s not like school, the atmosphere is relaxed and it’s like a park. It’s all on one level, rather than two or more storeys – it’s not like a ‘facility’. There are lots of gardens around the campus and lots of parks and sitting areas, which makes studying very relaxing. 

The lecturers are great – everyone is very helpful and accommodating to everyone’s needs. There’s not a lot of students, so the class size is really good and I get a lot of one-on-one help. 

How long have you been living in Broome? 

I’ve been living in Broome for 8 months, but had previously lived in the East Kimberley in Kununurra. I very much enjoy the Kimberley region.   

People here are friendly and relaxed. The Kimberley isn’t like Estonia with a city and lots of people. Even though there are small towns in Estonia, they still don’t compare to the towns here where it’s more community oriented. I feel like back home people can be judgemental and mean – probably due to their circumstances. 

In my spare time I usually go for walks at the beach. I live close to Town Beach so I can walk there and the Staircase to the Moon is just a walk away from my house. I went on a historical/sunset tour on the Broome Tram which was great fun. 

Have you found a part-time job? 

Yes, I’ve been working part time as a disability support worker and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I’ve been building relationships and my employers are really happy with me – they would be sad to see me go. 

Would you recommend the regional bursary to other students? 

The bursary is good help when you have to pay the TAFE fees and it was easy to apply as it was just one form.  

Last updated on June 13, 2024