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Edington’s career journey in Perth Western Australia


    Edington Berejena dreamt of becoming a highly qualified electrician. This took him all the way from his home in Zimbabwe to Perth in Western Australia (WA). And now, with multiple qualifications behind him and a full time job with an Australian company, Edington is enjoying the results of his hard work. 

    Let’s take you through Edington’s journey to studying with TAFE International Western Australia (TIWA) in Perth, and everything he’s been up to since completing his course. 

    The journey begins

    Edington grew up in Zimbabwe’s Masvingo Province. After high school, he completed a National Certificate of Electrical Power Engineering at Masvingo Polytechnic and qualified as a first-grade electrician in 2014. 

    “I worked for more than four years as an electrician. It was during this period that my eyes opened to see the advancement of technology in the industry.” he says. “Hence there was a need to upgrade myself with a course that was going to equip me with knowledge and skills applicable to the modern day and the future engineering industry.” 

    Moving to Western Australia 

    After deciding to further his studies, Edington began researching the possible locations he could do this from. Soon, he had decided on WA.  

    “l learned that Australia is one of the best quality education providers in the world. This was one of the deciding factors.” he says. “In addition to quality education, it also offered personal safety, a wide range of social activities to engage in, and cultural diversity.” 

    When choosing which part of Australia to study in, Edington decided that WA’s warm and sunny climate would probably suit him best. 

    “WA has similar weather patterns to my home country. Although having rain in the winter is something that’s new to me, I felt that l wouldn’t struggle to cope with the climate here.”

    Studying with TIWA 

    Edington quickly adjusted to life in Perth. He settled into his UEE62111 Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology - Electrical course at South Metropolitan TAFE’s Munster campus.

    “Perth is a very peaceful place with endless opportunities for dreamers, and I love the security and availability of opportunities.” Edington says.  

    Despite COVID-19 pushing some of his modules online, Edington really enjoyed his studies at TAFE. 

    “Overall, it was a great experience. From the lecturers to the training equipment and, of course, the support through the pandemic.” he says. “l loved the availability of the workshops and equipment for the students and that anytime you walked onto campus, you could enjoy working on anything that you might think of.” 

    But for Edington, it was his final year course projects that really stood out. 

    “They gave me the hands on experience that I always wanted. They just simulated a real work environment.” Edington explains. “My job there was to dream. TAFE helped bring those dreams to life with full time access to workshops and equipment.” 

    Building a career in Perth 

    Before completing his course, Edington had the chance to build some valuable connections in his future industry. 

    “TAFE provided me with an opportunity to access free career advice through the SM TAFE Jobs and Skills Centre(opens in a new tab).” he says. “I also had the opportunity to improve my network while attending on-campus presentations by various companies. This gave me the opportunity to interact and ask questions from industry experts in order to prepare for life after TAFE.” 

    After graduating, Edington was eager to gain as much practical experience as possible. He soon found employment with an Australian company. 

    “After finishing my course, l began knocking on various companies’ doors looking for opportunities.” he says. “I'm currently employed by SSH Group as an electrical trade assistant in the construction industry. I'm hoping to use this experience to gain a WA electrical licence.” 

    Plans for the future 

    Edington is currently enjoying his work with SSH Group. He plans to become an automation engineer in the future. 

    “I have given myself two years to work and gain practical industry experience that’s relevant to my field. Then, I will enrol in a Bachelor of Science (Industrial Automation Engineering).”

    Advice for other future international students

    If you’re considering studying a TAFE course in Perth, Edington has the following advice. 

    “If an opportunity to study with TIWA presents itself, then don’t hesitate and just grab it! You will never regret it and it will leave marks of unforgettable experiences in your life. Australia is wonderful and Australians are wonderful people – there is nothing to be worried about!” 

    If you’re interested in finding out more, you can contact TIWA for advice(opens in a new tab) on how to navigate your study and career journey.

    Last updated on December 1, 2022