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Cool things you didn't know you could study in Western Australia


    The courses on offer to international students in Western Australia are both diverse and adventurous. Think training guide dogs, perfecting tiny desserts, designing buildings, and a whole lot in between! Here are a few examples of the cool things you can study at TAFE International Western Australia (TIWA). 

    Animation and game art

    What do Untitled Goose Game and BioShock have in common? Both of these famous games were developed in Australia! Turn your love of art, design, animation, or gaming into a full-time career in the entertainment industry. This 100 per cent practical course covers the basics of 3D modelling, 2D animation, digital art, and game design. You will be left well prepared for a career in animation or a pathway to further game art study. 

    Read more about animation and game art: CUA60620 Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media [Game Art and Design]


    If you love the ocean, studying aquaculture might be perfect for you. This course will teach you the practical skills to manage the operations of fish farms, marine farms and hatcheries. Some areas of study include developing and implementing a breeding strategy, planning ecologically sustainable practices, biosecurity and managing stock health. This course offers a lot of hands on training, preparing you for entry into the industry. 

    Read more about aquaculture:  SFI50119 Diploma of Aquaculture

    Companion animal services

    Kick start your career in the animal industry to provide the best care for animals. This course relates to dogs, fish, mammals, and reptiles. Learn how to work effectively with companion animals and study how to monitor their progress and welfare. This course will prepare you to be job ready for work in places like animal shelters, boarding kennels and grooming salons.

    Read more about animal studies: ACM30122 Certificate III in Animal Care Services

    Building design

    If you have an eye for interesting architecture, are always constructing things by hand or, perhaps loved playing The Sims video game when you were younger – this course is for you! Construction is currently one of WA's most in demand industries(opens in a new tab), and this course will start you on your journey to designing single and double-storey residential buildings. Alongside an industry mentor, you will study a mixture of manual and computer-aided design skills and construction project work. You will also learn about the business aspects, such as budget management strategies. 

    Read more about building design: CPP50921 Diploma of Building Design


    The art of garden cultivation and management is definitely one for students with a green thumb! If you are interested in all things trees and plants, or would love to work outdoors, this is a great course to consider. You will study in on-campus facilities and grounds that simulate real world environments and situations, and acquire the skills to design, plan, implement, manage and evaluate horticultural operations and maintain public and private parks, reserves, gardens, natural bushland and community recreation areas.

    Read more about horticulture: AHC50416 Diploma of Horticulture


    Did you know you can enjoy a career in the aviation industry without ever leaving the ground? There is a whole world within the airport that comes before wheels-up. Learn skills in a range of aerodrome and air transport operations, and study the strategic planning of airlines, customer relations, and airport emergency procedures.  

    Read more about Aviation: AVI50119 Diploma of Aviation [Aviation Management]

    Individual support (ageing, home and community)

    This course teaches you the skills to care for people who require extra assistance due to their age, ability, or injury. Healthcare and social assistance is currently one of WA's most in demand industries(opens in a new tab), making this a great choice for students looking for career stability and an opportunity to give back to the community. A great mix of theory and practical learning will prepare you for both community and residential care facilities. 

    Read more about individual support: CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support [Ageing, Home and Community] 


    Turns out you can turn a sweet tooth into a thriving career! In this course, you will learn the creative and practical aspects of planning and baking. Using commercial equipment, you will produce cakes, pastries, chocolate, and sugar pieces. Your business mind will also be engaged through learning about staffing, teams, and food safety and practices. You will develop your very own creative flair through this course, which prepares you to enter the culinary industry as a pastry chef. Bon appétit! 

    Read more about patisserie: SIT40721 Certificate IV in Patisserie

    Remedial massage

    Make a living by reducing people's pain and bringing them back to their optimal muscular and spinal health. Learn all about the musculoskeletal system and the mind-body connection. Equip yourself with the knowledge of how to solve common physiological problems. This course will ensure you can safely and professionally conduct yourself in the real world industry environment. 

    Read more about remedial massage: HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage


    To develop strong links with industry to succeed in the future employment market, choose TAFE International Western Australia (TIWA) for globally recognised courses delivered by dedicated lecturers with industry experience and connections. Check out the wide range of courses that TIWA has to offer and detailed information on the application process. You can apply to study with TIWA by completing an online application(opens in a new tab).

    Last updated on July 31, 2023