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Cooking up a storm in Broome: Made Della Salvia Puteri

I chose the course at North Regional TAFE’s Broome campus because I see TAFE as a great place to develop my interest and skills in cooking. I applied for the SIT40416 Certificate IV in Hospitality.  

How have you enjoyed the course so far? 

For me the best thing about my course is learning about many kinds of food, flavours, and knowing how to cook. Cooking is a basic skill to survive, and an unspoken universal language that everyone can try and understand. Sometimes we can share our feelings like happiness or something through the food. 

Aside from all of those, I love tasting the food as well as I love to eat. Furthermore, I believe this course will help me to achieve my future career as a chef. The practical classes in this course made me understand what work in a real-world kitchen feels like. So, I have knowledge to bring in the workplace or to build my own restaurant. 

How have you found the facilities at Broome campus? 

The facilities at North Regional TAFE (Broome Campus) are excellent, especially the cookery and hospitality classes in the new building I am studying in. My friends and I feel very lucky to be the first students who use this building for our new class. The equipment in the kitchen that I use for practical purposes is fancy and everything is new there. In addition, the environment around my campus is fresh and comfortable, there are plenty of plants, trees and space for students to have a chat. 

I love the teaching style of my lecturer. Within a school week there are theory and practical classes, and one more day to do assignments. It makes the students not overwhelmed and easy to understand the lessons as the result of enough time the lecturer gives to us. When it comes to practicality, the lecturer gives us clear instructions as well as guides us through every step we need to take in the kitchen. It is so helpful, especially for me who just commenced this field of study. 

How long have you been living in Broome? 

I have been living in Western Australia for more than one month. It feels good living in regional Western Australia. Living abroad has always been my dream since I was a kid. I love peace - that is why the regional area suits me. 

As an International student who needs a part time or casual job to gain more pocket money, Broome has lots of job vacancies starting from hospitality, cooking, retail assistant, cleaning, age care, etc. This city doesn't have too many differences with my hometown Bali, Indonesia. Indonesia has two seasons, the same as in Broome and what I love is the time. It is the same in both Bali and Broome. On the other hand, there is one thing that is a big difference is the lifestyle. I feel so much culture shock from the time I step on my feet in Australia. However, I don't mind because I have tried to adapt and adjust with the lifestyle here. I love to try new things.  

In my leisure time, I often make video content about my life in Western Australia. I am completely going to recommend my course or the other course that exists in TAFE along with the location which is Broome as a study destination to my friends and people out there. 

Would you recommend studying at your college to other students? 

For all my friends wherever you are, let me give you a piece of advice considering studying abroad. There is no instant thing in the world, you have to strive and sacrifice to gain more and more. Lose one and get the other. I know it might be hard to start your life in a new place and across the world to study. But as long as you try to love, live and romanticise your life, it's getting easier and happier for sure. 

After all, if you are thinking of giving up, just remember the reasons why you want this dream, the family and friends that cherish you along the way and everything that brought you to the conclusion of studying abroad. Keep it up!! 

Another piece of advice for people who want to continue their study in commercial cookery and hospitality is if you're still hesitant to take that course because you can’t cook, just take it and you will know how to cook. We have not mastered everything since we were babies, have we? 

I also can’t cook but I want to learn how to cook because I love to eat and love food, so I try to take this course. I found some difficulties at first, but as each day passed and I learned more and more, it's not as hard as I thought it would be. 

If you guys want to study abroad you can choose a campus located in North Regional TAFE (Broome Campus). It's a great college and very welcoming to international students. Once you are in, I bet you will like it. 

Last updated on December 8, 2023