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Careers in interior design and graphic design


    If you're looking for a creative and rewarding career, interior design or graphic design might be for you. With lots of job opportunities available and plenty more on the horizon, there's never been a better time to start your design career.

    Read on to find out more about these exciting industries and some of the interesting roles they could lead to. If you're ready to get started on your design career, take the first step with the MSF60122 Advanced Diploma of Interior Design or CUA60320 Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design qualification from TAFE International Western Australia (TIWA).

    What are interior design and graphic design?

    Interior design and graphic design are both interesting and creative careers. They are equally well-suited to artistic people who have an eye for style, colour and design.

    Interior designers work with indoor environments to make them both functional and stylish. In particular, interior designers collaborate with clients to figure out how to make structural changes to a space, such as adding or removing walls, doors and windows or moving plumbing or electrical wires. They then work directly with architects and builders to make these changes.

    Graphic designers work with visual media. Using digital art programs, they create a wide range of designs like print advertisements, billboards, packaging, logos, brochures and reports, among many others. They carefully select all elements of an image, including layout, font and colour, in order to tell a story visually.

    The interior design and graphic design industries

    With over 13,000 interior designers currently working in Australia, the industry is expecting a boom in the coming years. In fact, it’s forecast there will be a 19 per cent increase in available roles by 2026. This is a reflection of the global trends for interior design careers. For example, the international global luxury interior design market is growing 9 per cent per year!(opens in a new tab)

    The changing of work environments around the world is another reason interior designers are in high demand. With plenty of workplaces looking to redesign their spaces to better fit the flexible workforce and many individuals looking to create home offices, changes to design are incredibly important.

    Interior designers should have good skills in speaking, listening, coordinating with others and critical thinking, as well as writing. They also need a good knowledge of technical design, building and construction.

    Meanwhile, there are over 26,000 graphic designers working in Australia right now, and the global graphic design market is expanding at an annual growth rate of 4.5 per cent(opens in a new tab). This is due to the increasing demand from large companies, who are prepared to spend more money on high-quality designs to build brand reputation and exposure.

    Graphic designers are required to have a solid knowledge of design fundamentals, as well as technical skills with digital design tools. Other skills graphic designers should have include a high level of reading comprehension, great communication and critical thinking.

    Careers in interior design and graphic design

    Interior designer

    While many interior designers work in design firms, some also start their own businesses and operate as sole traders. An interior designer might:

    • work with individuals to design the interior of private homes;
    • worth with companies to design the interior of workplaces or public spaces, like hospitals and schools;
    • use computer programs to show proposed designs to clients;
    • work with clients to help them understand their own style; and
    • help clients identify ways their spaces could be more functional.

    The average salary for interior designers in Australia is AUD$78,000(opens in a new tab) per year. To start your career in interior design, study the MSF60122 Advanced Diploma of Interior Design from TIWA.

    Graphic designer

    Like interior designers, graphic designers have the option to work in-house for a company or agency, or to work as freelance professionals. Whether in-house or self-employed, graphic designers may need to:

    • work with clients or stakeholders to develop a brief;
    • create designs like logos, graphics, brochures, advertisements and more using digital art programs; and
    • help create brand identities and build style guides to inform future work.

    The average yearly salary for a graphic designer in Australia is AUD$68,000(opens in a new tab). TIWA's CUA60320 Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design qualification will set you on the path to a career as a graphic designer.

    Web designer

    Your graphic design qualification can lead you into the field of web design. Web designers work specifically with websites to ensure they are visually appealing, easy to use and maintain the visual identity of the brand.

    Web designers have a range of responsibilities, including:

    • using software, including design programs and content management systems;
    • designing web pages to meet a client's brief;
    • communicating with stakeholders or clients; and
    • writing or amending programming code.

    The average salary for a web designer in Australia is about AUD$70,000(opens in a new tab) per year.

    Getting started

    If you’re interested in finding out more, you can contact TIWA for advice(opens in a new tab) on how to navigate your study and career journey.

    Last updated on December 8, 2023