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Aquaculture studies in Geraldton: Adhi’s journey

My campus is located in Geraldton, and I’m studying SFI50119 Diploma of Aquaculture. I heard about the course from the TAFE International WA website and their social media channels. 

How have you enjoyed the course so far? 

I have been studying in Geraldton for almost eight months now. The best thing about studying in Geraldton is it has an award-winning state-of-the-art training, research, and development facility for aquaculture that sits right next to a beautiful beach. 

My plan is to get real work experience in the big Australian commercial fisheries after I study so that one day I can open my own aquaculture farm back in Indonesia. 

How have you found the facilities at Geraldton campus? 

The lecturers are so good. All of them have years of experience in the fish industry, so they have real world experience that relates to what they teach. We get a lot of hands-on practical training on the campus as well as off campus. 

Our classes involve theory in the morning then followed by practical training in the afternoon, it’s really great to be able to implement what you learn. 

How are you enjoying living in Geraldton? 

Geraldton is so nice, located next to the ocean and there’s all the shops I need. Geraldton is quite small so you can get to anywhere easy by bike. Compared to Jakarta where I’m from, Geraldton is simply more peaceful and slow in a good way. During my free time, I like to cycle in the afternoon to catch the sunset or simply walk along the beach. And lastly, the people are so nice and friendly. 

Have you found a part-time job? 

Yes. After 3 weeks I ended up getting an offer from 3 different places. The first job that I got was working in aged care as kitchen hand, the job was only a 10 minute-walk from where I live and the Geraldton campus. 

My second job was working as a business analyst for a family business based in Geraldton, since I have some experience from when I was back in Jakarta, I decided to use my skills so I can learn the Australian business landscape. Then after six months, I got an offer to work on the campus as maintenance staff looking after fish. In this job I can practice what I learn whilst getting paid. 

Would you recommend the regional bursary to other students? 

Yes, I definitely recommend the bursary package to other people who are interested. Living in a regional town is fun and a good experience. The cost of rent is also affordable. If you have already found the course you like, don’t hesitate to take this opportunity with the bursary. Even without the $5,000, living in Geraldton is good if you don’t mind living in a small town.  

Last updated on December 8, 2023