SFI30119 Certificate III in Aquaculture [Vessel Operations]

National code: SFI30119 | WA course code: AB86 | CRICOS code: 0100603

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SFI30119 Certificate III in Aquaculture [Vessel Operations]

About this course

If you want a career working in aquaculture and sustainable food sources, then enrol in SFI30119 Certificate III in Aquaculture [vessel operations].   This course will provide you with a solid foundation in aquatic science and additional skills in vessel operations.  During your studies, you will gain knowledge and skills such as:

  • caring and maintaining fish stocks, culture and holding environments;
  • installing or constructing stock culture or holding structures and other allied structures;
  • assessing and controlling biosecurity and stock health and treating aquatic stock for diseases;
  • monitoring and maintaining water quality;
  • co-ordinating feeding activities, handling and harvesting operations for aquatic stock;
  • operating high technology water treatment components; and
  • implementing emergency procedures, occupational health and safety policies and guidelines.

This course is very practical and hands on with the campus offering extensive aquaculture facilities including hatchery tanks and filtration systems.  If you want to further expand your aquaculture skills after completing this qualification you can consider enrolling into SFI50119 Diploma of Aquaculture for a further 12 months.

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Admission requirements

  • An IELTS score (academic) of 5.5 with no band score less than 5.0 or equivalent.

  • Completion of the equivalent of Australian Year 10.

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Additional information

Career opportunities

  • Aquaculture Farm Attendant
  • Pond Worker
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