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Great reasons to study AT TAFE Western Australia

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​​Close to Home

Asia mapWestern Australia is in the same time-zone ​a​s many Asian regions and is a direct flight from a number of capital cities in Asia. ​

This helps you return home or take a holiday during study breaks, or if you have family who wish to visit you while you are studying.

Choose the flag of your country to read the translated version of the 2015​ TAFE Western Australia flyer:

Chinese flag Japanese flag Korean flag Thai Flag Vietnamese flag​​


TAFE stands for​ Technical and Further Education. TAFE Institutes are located throughout Western Australia and are government backed and guaranteed.

Why study at TAFE Western Australia?

  • Government owned and operated ​
    TAFE offers high quality nationally recognised courses for international students and is government backed and guaranteed.
  • Practical Workplace skills
    TAFE qualifications provide you with practical skills and industry training that gives you skills employers need.
  • Pathways to University
    TAFE Institutes offer programs that have flexible entry requirements and provide opportunities for further study at university.
  • Value for Money
    You will receive high quality training and support at an affordable cost.
  • Multiple Locations
    TAFE has Institutes throughout metropolitan Perth and regional Western Australia.

Online Course Catalogue​


Choose from a wide variety of courses offered to international students ​​​​by TAFE Western Australia. Courses to study include:

You can study a TAFE qualification from Certificate level to Associate Degree.

TAFE courses provide you with the hands-on practical experience needed for your chosen career, and can also be used as a pathway into university studies.

You can choose from over 250 TAFE courses. Visit the Online course catalogue for information on courses.

Next Steps

English Courses

You can also study English courses at TAFE Western Australia, to help prepare your studies and improve your language skills for your life and career.  

Choose the flag of your country to read the translated version of the 2015​ TAFE Western Australia English Courses flyer:​

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​Student Testimonials


country of origin:CHINA

Diploma of Business

Studying and living in a foreign country is a really big challenge for me, however, Polytechnic West​ has offered me wonderful opportunities to mix with local students as well as people from other cultures.

As a Commerce student I am lucky to have a wide range of knowledge about business due to the professional lecturers. I will carry lots of good memories with me.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I apply as a mature aged student?

If you are a mature aged student (over the age of 21) then we will take into consideration any previous work experience that you have had in the same area as the course you are applying for. Please provide us with a resume, employment evidence and any relevant qualifications you may have.

If you think you might be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), you should approach your International Centre Manager to discuss the RPL process at your college. The International Centre Manager will be able to assist you to complete the application.  You should complete and lodge your RPL application by the first week of the commencement of your course, as applications received after this time will not be considered.

Q: Can I study 2 courses at the same time?

No, each TAFE course is a full time course, therefore you will not be able to study two courses at the same time.

Q: Can I study at TAFE if I am under 18 years old?

If you wish to study at TAFE you must be turning 18 in the same calendar year that you commence your studies.

Q: Can I study at TAFE if I have a disability?

Our application form asks all students to disclose any disability in order that we can properly assess support services required to determine any additional costs to be charged. The Department of Home Affairs will assess students with disabilities or medical conditions when their student visa applications are processed. Student visa applications require disclosure of pre-existing disabilities or medical conditions. Non-disclosure may result in your visa being cancelled.

Q: Can I study online?

Online delivery or distance learning mode is not available to international students. Under the ESOS Act, international students are not permitted to undertake any more than 25% of their qualification as online studies. Visit the course catalogue for information on courses available to international students at TAFE Western Australia.

Q: Do I need a minimum English level for entrance into TAFE courses?

Yes most TAFE courses require an English level equivalent to 5.5 Academic IELTS, with no band lower than 5.0. Some courses require higher English levels, please see the English requirements for each course.

Students from Department of Home Affairs Assessment Level 3 countries must sit a recognised English test authorised by the DIBP. If you are from an Assessment Level 1 or 2 country, you may be able to sit a TIWA English Proficiency Test in your home country through an TIWA education agent.

TIWA will require you to submit a course application when you complete the TIWA English Proficiency Test. Some English speaking countries are exempt from providing English test results.

Q: Do you offer internships at TAFE?

TAFE courses are not internships. They provide employment skills and practical training for students using on-campus facilities. Some courses will include a work placement which is part of the course, generally this is not paid.

Q: Does TAFE International Western Australia (TIWA) enrol local Australian students?
A: No. If you are not an international student, please contact a Western Australian TAFE college with your enquiry.
Q: Does TAFE offer Bachelor Degrees?

TAFE Western Australia does not offer tertiary qualifications such as Bachelors, Masters, Post-Graduate Diplomas or PhDs. TAFE colleges in Western Australia provide vocational education and training (VET) courses, such as Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. Many students use TAFE qualifications as a pathway to University study.

Q: Does TAFE offer short courses for international students?

If you have a Working Holiday or Tourist visa you are unable to enrol into any of our Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma courses. However, you can study an English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students at North Metropolitan TAFE.

Q: How much are course tuition fees?

Tuition fees for TAFE courses range from approximately $6,000 AUD per semester. English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) fees are $300 AUD per week. Resource fees and material fees may also be payable. For the complete list of current fees please visit the relevant course information page within the course catalogue.

Q: If I apply to study at TAFE, can I also bring my child to Western Australia?

If you are studying for at least one year then you can bring your children. Children from the age of 6, must go to school and you will be required to pay international tuition fees for each of your children. Please see the Schools section of the website for more information.

Q: What if I want to go to University after TAFE?

Western Australian TAFE colleges have articulation agreements with a number of high quality, Western Australian universities including Curtin University, Edith Cowan University (ECU), Murdoch University  and the University of Western Australia. These universities give selected Diploma and Advanced Diploma graduates entry into a wide variety of degree programs with very competitive advanced standing or credit transfers.

Q: What is TAFE?

TAFE stands for Technical and Further Education. TAFE colleges are located throughout Western Australia and are owned and operated by the Western Australian Government. You can study a TAFE qualification such as a Certificate, Diploma and/or Advanced Diploma. TAFE courses provide you with the hands-on practical experience needed for your chosen career, and can also be used as a pathway into university studies. You can choose from over 200 TAFE courses. Please visit our course catalogue for course information.

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