International Secondary Student Exchange

international Secondary Student Exchange Program (ISSEP)

The ISSEP provides the opportunity for international secondary school students to study in Australia and for Australian secondary school students to study overseas.

The ISSEP in Western Australia (WA) is a state specific reciprocal program whereby students from another country are enrolled as full-time students in a WA secondary school for a period ranging from three months (or one full school term) to one year. Under similar program conditions students from WA are able to enrol full-time, in a recog​nised course of study in an overseas country.​

Australian students must have completed Year 10 to be included in the program. International students must be over the age of 15 years.

Please note: The only public secondary schools in WA that can enrol students who are beyond the compulsory age of schooling are Cyril Jackson Senior Campus and North Lake Senior Campus.

Approved Secondary Exchange Organisations

The following Secondary Exchange Organisations (SEO) are registered by the Department of Education to provide secondary student exchange p​rograms in WA:

Inbound Students

Registered exchange organisations approach schools directly to determine whether they are prepared to accept an exchange student.

The decision whether or not to participate in an exchange program rests entirely with the school. This decision will be based on the school being satisfied with the particular arrangements, with the capacity and support for the program from the school community and with the perceived benefits to the school.

When approached, schools can assume that a registered exchange organisation will be able to provide adequate local support and pastoral care of the overseas students. Failure to provide appropriate support may lead to deregistration of the exchange organisation.

Selecting, arranging, vetting and monitoring host family arrangements are the responsibilities of the registered SEOs.

Any concerns regarding an overseas exchange student's welfare, attendance, behaviour or decline in performance should be taken up with the relevant SEO.

Outbound Students

Access to students by registered exchange organisations is at the discretion of the Principal.

Selection and arrangements for students to join an overseas exchange program is a matter between the student, the parents and the registered exchange organisations.

Organisations seeking registration in WA

All organisations operating within WA are expected to meet the requirements as stated in the National Guidelines.

If you would like to apply to be a secondary exchange organisation, please complete the Application for registration as a student exchange organisation in Western Australia and submit to

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