Short term enrolments


These programs are for students who wish to study at a Western Australian primary or secondary school for a maximum of 10 weeks.

Placements of four weeks or less are available in limited circumstances only and placement for this timeframe is not always available.

Please note this is for primary and secondary students who will be staying with a guardian for the duration of their study (Not available in Term 4 in Year 11 and 12). 

Any student wishing to stay in a TIWA nominated homestay will be required to enter Australia on a student visa.

Placement procedure: Students must apply through TIWA by completing an Overseas Fee Paying (Temporary Resident Visa Holders) Application Form

Fees and charges

Find out more about fees and charges in the tuition fees for school students section


  • No student will be enrolled in Years 11 or 12 for Term 4.
  • Students must remain enrolled in the same school for the duration of the program.
  • Any travel within Western Australia or to other parts of Australia while the student is on a student visa (500 or 571) will require written parental approval, outlining all details of travel including accommodation, chaperone, duration, names, ages and addresses of all group members, qualifications of chaperones, written approval from the School Guardian and have approval from the homestay family. The final decision will be made by the school and TIWA will be advised. The school will provide TIWA a copy of these travel plans for their records.

Note to education Agents

Agent commissions for short term study will only apply where the student is on a student visa (500 or 571).

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