English Language Requirements and Programs

The success of any study program in Australia depends on international students having sound English skills.

Intensive English Centres (IEC) 

Additional tuition fees of $3,000 a year apply.

IEC Intensive English Centres (IECs) provide an integrated 12 month English language program to eligible Stage 1 students who are in the early stages of English language acquisition - primarily those who are newly arrived in Western Australia. IECs have continuous enrolments and exit students into mainstream schooling at the end of each term (primary) or the end of each semester (secondary).

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Additional tuition fees of $1,500 a year apply.

ESL specialist support is provided at selected schools for students who have either moved from Intensive English Centres to mainstream schooling or students who require English language support to access the curriculum.


English testing results and Academic reports will be considered when determining the IEC requirement of each applicant. AEAS, STEP Eiken, IELTS and TOEFL iBT test scores will only form part of the overall assessment.

Further testing of applicants will be undertaken by the school on arrival which may alter the assessment made at application.

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