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For children with a student visa (500)

Please check that your child is on a student visa (500) before reading.

If your child is a dependant on your visa, please view our Dependants of visa holders page.

Enrolment conditions

In Western Australia (WA), students on a 500 or 571 student visa can apply to study at a WA Government school from Year 1 to Year 12. The student’s age will normally determine the year level that they are placed into. 

The minimum enrolment period for a student visa holder is two school terms. 

Your child must have current Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of their student visa. 

English requirements 

Where English is not their first language, your child can enrol in an Intensive English Program for a maximum 12 months. 

For more information, view our English language requirements page

Living arrangements 

WA Government schools do not offer residential accommodation forstudents. If your child is under 18 years of age, they must have a local guardian.  If your child intends to live with a relative in Perth, the relative must nominate as a guardian with the Department of Home Affairs(opens in a new tab) using Form 157N Student guardianship arrangements(opens in a new tab)

Primary school students must reside with a parent for the duration of their studies.  Secondary school students may reside with a close family relative as defined by Division 1.2 of Migration Regulations. These regulations define a close family relative as: 

  • a parent or step-parent; 
  • an aunt or an uncle; or 
  • a grandparent or step-grandparent. 


The homestay option is only available to students in Year 8 and above.  If the student does not nominate a relative, then the student must live in homestay accommodation organised by Australian Homestay Network (AHN)(opens in a new tab), the accommodation provider in WA. Homestay is only available in the metropolitan area – regional placements will only be considered where a parent-nominated homestay can be arranged. For more about local guardians and homestay, please view our Accommodation for under 18s page

Application process for children with a student visa

In some countries you may find it helpful or convenient to seek the assistance of one of TIWA's approved education agents. They are available to assist you with your application and visa. 

Icon showing a magnifying glass over a book under a roof

1  Choose four preferred schools

Select at least four schools from our available schools list.

TAFE International Western Australia reserves the right to offer students an alternative school if the preferred school is not available at the time of payment. 

At this time you need to detail your welfare arrangements and include if children will be living with a parent, using Homestay or staying with a Department of Home Affairs(opens in a new tab) approved blood relative.

Icon showing documents

2  Prepare your documents 

Prepare the documents that must be submitted with the application.

Please make sure you include:


  • previous education results and transcripts (latest copies in English); and
  • a copy of the child’s passport. 

3  Apply online(opens in a new tab) 

Select the schools option, then student visa option.

Icon showing a ticked page and a payment card

4  Accept your offer and pay 

If successful you will receive a Letter of Offer and information on how to accept. You may receive a conditional offer if your application is incomplete. The offer details enrolment information including the school, year of enrolment, commencement date and tuition fees. 

Acceptance and welfare 

To accept your offer, sign and return the Acceptance Letter, and make the payment listed and meet any conditions listed in your Letter of Offer.  View fees on our School fees and charges page.

Please refer to the TIWA Refund Policy [PDF 229 KB](PDF document - opens in a new tab) for information about payment refunds. 

Confirmation of enrolment

Once your welfare arrangements have been accepted by TIWA and payment made, you will be issued with a confirmation of enrolment (CoE). This confirms a place in a WA Government school and is needed to complete a student visa application. 

When you receive the CoE you will also receive the school details. You must make an appointment with the school to complete the enrolment process. 
A condition of enrolment is that you give authority for your personal information to be provided to the Australian Commonwealth Government and WA state agencies, overseas student health cover providers, the Department of Training and Workforce Development, and the Department of Education. 

Icon showing passport-like documents

5  Apply for a student visa 

You can use an education agent to assist with lodging a visa application with the Australian High Commission or Embassy in your country(opens in a new tab). A school aged student must have a student visa in order to enter Australia and commence studies. 

Icon showing a plane ascending

6  Receive student visa and make travel arrangements 

Ensure all travel arrangements are finalised to ensure the student arrives in WA at least a few days before the course starts. 

Please note, your child will only be able to arrive from the date listed on the welfare letter. Please make sure all visa and travel arrangements are made well in advance. 

Last updated on July 31, 2023