I chose to study at TAFE because it is very practical and for me that is the best way to learn. TAFE is the best place to start learning about fashion. All the lecturers are very patient and passionate, which makes you love it.

What I love is that with fashion, you can create  new things every day and express yourself through your creations.

I love how the people here help you  to develop your skills to make them better. 

I love sewing, the pattern making, and all the processes required to do when we are finishing garments. 

I would love to develop my own brand. For now, I'm thinking to start off working in a company to learn all the processes that that they do within the industry.

What I most love about Perth is that it's safe, so you can walk around easily and that is really good.

There is a lot of adventure, which means that if you like, you can travel around and there is beautiful scenery. 

The beaches are beautiful and the countryside  is also beautiful. So yeah, I love living in Perth.

Student Marcela at TAFE campus
Last updated on March 29, 2023