I had been in Perth for a year as working holiday and loved living in Perth. In that time, I heard that TAFE provides high level of education and practical courses that I need for my career. So I decided to study here.

How do you like living in Perth?

I really like it. It’s really comfortable to live in Perth as there is so much nature close to the city and a much less crowded population than Japan which makes me so relaxed. I really like Swan River where you can see black swans, pelicans and also dolphins.

What are the best things about your course?

There are 25 people in my class and six are international students – they are so nice. The classes are often hard for me but classmates help me a lot. I feel I’m so lucky to meet them as I’m able to learn not only marketing but also many cultures.

How do you feel completing your course will help your career?

It will help my career for sure.

My lecturers are all working as professional marketers now and they show us what exactly they are doing for companies, which are so interesting. Actually, they look similar to what we are doing in classes for assignments like making a marketing plan, email direct marketing, or making infographic design.

Would you recommend studying at your college to family and friends? Why?

If you have a passion for it, you will learn so much stuff at TAFE. There are tons of different courses and lovely lectures.

How does life in Australia compare to home?

Australia is culturally diverse so everyone is friendly and welcomes us. People who live in Australia are relaxed and value spending time with family and friends.

The weather is also so beautiful and you can go to wonderful beaches anytime you want in Australia. You can see lots of people just relax by a beach with family or friends on weekends.

Kiko, a TAFE student stands outside the Northbridge TAFE campus building
Last updated on November 30, 2022