I chose TAFE because it is known for the quality of its courses. I wanted to develop skills that would be valuable for me here and also back in my home country.  I graduated from university back in my country, and I plan to study an international master degree. But in the meantime, I was looking for a more practical and shorter course that would help me with the confidence to go on with my studies. I think this course was the perfect choice for this moment. 

The lecturers are part of the industry, so they are able to give you insights of how real events work here in Australia. You are not just exposed to theory all the time, which is amazing. It is a very practical course, and it has interesting projects you can get involved with. This semester, for example, we were able to organise our own music gig, using the knowledge we acquired during the semester. It is satisfying to see what you already can do after six months of learning. 

Brazilian student Carolina outside Perth TAFE campus
Last updated on November 7, 2022