Kenyan student shines at North Metropolitan TAFE

My name is Stephany Lentoimaga. I come from the northern part of Kenya and my family is from the pastoralist community of Samburu origin. Our culture is still very strong and very few girls get an opportunity for education.

I am currently studying a Diploma of Engineering (Oil and Gas) at the North Metropolitan TAFE at the Perth campus, which will lead to a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering at Edith Cowan University.

My life was forever altered following the untimely demise of my beloved father in 2013. He was a strong man and encouraged me and my siblings to work hard and get good education.

Consequently, I decided that for me to have a fair shot at achieving my goals in life, I needed a change in environment and a fresh challenge. I had always harboured a dream of studying and possibly living in Australia and so, moving here was an easy decision to make. However, leaving my family made it really hard especially for my mum.

Since arriving in June 2015, my stay here has been nothing but wonderful.  A culture shock awaited me!

For starters, the people here are absolutely welcoming, kind and warm hearted. I felt right at home. Perth is a cosmopolitan city which made me feel part of beautiful multicultural web rather than an outsider. The different cultures one gets to interact with ensure that you learn something new every single day.

The public amenities and infrastructure in Perth are fantastic which makes it easy to move around and get all services one needs without much hustle.

The weather is absolutely amazing, a bit too cold during the winters but very pleasant during the summer. The past summer was my favourite as I got to dress up in fancy clothes and I got to visit many beautiful beaches.
I chose to study at North Metropolitan TAFE because I wanted to do a Diploma of Engineering in preparation for my Bachelor Degree.

It is a great college, fun to study at, with friendly students and staff which made me feel at home from the very first day. I have made a lot of friends so far who have helped me maintain a healthy study life.

North Metropolitan TAFE also offered me a university pathway which will make it easy for my transition into Edith Cowan University.

Perth is by all means an amazing place to be and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to live and study here.

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