Amrit engineering his passions at TAFE International Western Australia


Originally from India, Amrit travelled 7,809 kilometres to study at TAFE International Western Australia (TIWA).

Despite having a commerce degree, Amrit always had a keen interest in engineering and technology. With some encouragement from his sister, who happens to live in Perth, Amrit decided to pursue his passion. He enrolled in the UEE62111 Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology - Electrical delivered at South Metropolitan TAFE  Munster campus, located in Perth's southern suburbs.

Amrit was surprised to learn that TIWA was one of the few educational institutions to offer electrical engineering courses at an advanced diploma level. "I visited the Munster campus" he says. "I met with the international student coordinator before deciding to study with TIWA"

Speaking about his experience studying engineering in Western Australia, Amrit talks fondly of his study journey, and of the appreciation he would receive from his lecturers for exemplary performance. 

"It was a fantastic experience studying at TAFE. The teachers were always available to help when needed. And, they often took extra time to explain certain concepts," he says. 

Learning from the best

Amrit was impressed by the knowledge and experience of the teachers at South Metropolitan TAFE. "The teachers were highly knowledgeable and had years of industry experience," he says. "The teaching style and organisation of the course, as well as the availability of the right tools and equipment, made learning super interactive."

Now, Amrit has lots of theoretical knowledge to underpin his work. But, he has also benefited from the practical elements of studying at TIWA. "The hands-on experience that I was able to gain via numerous projects, assessments and classes has helped me expand my insights into the actual functioning of the electrical industry," he says.


Outside his studies, Amrit says that living in Perth has been fantastic. "The things I love about the city are the bright blue skies in summer, along with the lush greenery in and around the city, the beautiful beaches and the friendly people."

Amrit also felt lucky to live in Perth during the pandemic. It has been one of the safest and best-managed cities in the world when dealing with the spread of the virus.

Technologies to further learning and development

So, where has Amrit's engineering career taken him so far? While he's able to share where he works, the specifics of his projects are top secret.   "I am working with APD Engineering and Western Power on various engineering and design projects," he says.

As well, Amrit is thinking ahead. In the advanced world we live in, he's using new technologies to further his learning and development.

"I am looking at the allied field of data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence," he says. "I am hoping to integrate and automate various engineering and design decisions, as well as implement them within SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and PLC (programmable logic controller) systems, to promote autonomous functioning, monitoring and troubleshooting."

Adapting to the Aussie way

Studying abroad is an exciting challenge. When asked about how India compares to studying in Perth, Amrit shares some valuable information.

"The teaching styles in Australia are very different," he says. "In India, the teaching is focused more on theoretical understanding. The Aussie style of teaching is more practical and implementation based."

Amrit has the following advice for fellow international students. "Make sure to give 100 per cent to the course. An advanced diploma course can get pretty full on and can require time commitments outside of school hours."

He also offers some thoughts on why to study engineering with TIWA.  "You will enjoy the interactive, organised teaching style of your lecturers, their approachability and friendliness. Plus, you will be soaking up industry knowledge."

We wish Amrit lots of success. We can't wait to see all the remarkable things he'll achieve in his engineering career!

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