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Before you get to Western Australia, it is a good idea to make sure your phone is unlocked so that you are able to use a pre-paid SIM card when you get here.

Pre-paid SIM cards are the best way to use your mobile in Australia as you are not locking yourself in to a contract with a phone company. You can buy pre-paid SIM cards from local shops (known as delis), newsagents, supermarkets and phone stores.


To access the internet you have three main options:

  • rely on public wireless access (only available in certain areas)​
  • buy a pre-paid wireless USB
  • enter into a contract with a company.

International calls

To make an international call from Australia, dial 0011 or "+" from mobile or online services, followed by the country code, the area code (if required) and the telephone number. To call Australia from overseas, dial 0061 followed by the area code and telephone number.

When calling a mobile phone in Australia from overseas, dial the 0061 country code, and then dial the mobile number but leave the 0 off at the beginning of the number.

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