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Western Australia has a warm sunny climate, perfect for exploring one of the 19 sandy beaches or taking a bike ride along the beautiful Swan River.

Season ​Months Perth average minimum and maximum temperatures
​Summer​Dec, Jan, Feb​16 C - 31 C
​Autumn​Mar, Apr, May​14 C - 25 C
​Winter​Jun, Jul, Aug​8 C - 18 C
​Spring​Sep, Oct, Nov​11 C - 23 C

Climate Zones

There are two climate zones in Western Australia:

  • Tropical North
  • Temperate South

Tropical North
The 'dry' season (April – September), has long days of sunshine and blue skies. Temperatures average 24 degrees Celsius at night to around 34 degrees Celsius during the day.

Along the coast temperatures do not change greatly throughout the day, while inland the temperature may drop dramatically in the cool of the night. The 'wet' season (October –March), has high humidity and temperatures in the mid to high 30s.

Tropical rainstorms are not uncommon and some northern coastal areas have recorded more than 1.5 metres of rain during this season. Electrical storms bring the sky to life as lightning flashes and lights up the night.

Temperate South
The weather south of the Tropic of Capricorn, located between Exmouth and Carnarvon, is known as mild and similar to a Mediterranean climate. The South West region averages around 32 degrees in summer and 14 degrees in winter.

Perth has more sunny days per year than any other Australian capital city allowing residents to live a relaxed and healthy outdoors lifestyle.

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