​Definitions of commonly used words:

​Term ​Description
​Campus​An education facility or site of the registered training provider where classroom based teaching occurs.
​Compulsory study period

​A compulsory study period is one in which the student must enrol unless granted a deferment or suspension from enrolment or leave of absence under Standard 13 (Deferring, suspending or cancelling the student’s enrolment).

A compulsory study period does not include periods in which the student can elect to undertake additional studies. See also ‘Study period’.

​Confirmation of
Enrolment (CoE)

​A document provided electronically, which is issued by the registered provider to intending overseas students and which must accompany their application for a student visa.

It confirms the overseas student’s eligibility to enrol in the particular course of the registered provider.

​Course ​A course of education or training as defined in the ESOS Act.
​Course credit ​Exemption from enrolment in a particular part of the course as a result of previous study, experience or recognition of a competency currently held. Includes academic credit and recognition of prior learning.
​Course money

​As defined by section 7 of the ESOS Act, means money a provider receives, directly or indirectly, from:

  • an overseas student or intending overseas student, or
  • another person who pays the money on behalf of an overseas student or intending overseas student, for a course that the provider is providing, or offering to provide, to the overseas student.

This includes tuition fees, any amount received by the provider for overseas student health cover, and any other amount that the student had to pay to the provider in order to undertake the course.

​Course progress ​The measure of advancement within a course towards the completion of that course irrespective of whether course completion is identified through academic merit or skill based competencies.
​CRICOS ​The Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) is the register prescribed under section 10 of the ESOS Act.
​Education Agent

​A person or organisation (in or outside Australia) who recruits overseas students and refers them to education providers. In doing so, the education agent may provide education counselling to overseas students as well as marketing and promotion services to education providers.

​Education Agent does not refer to an education institution with whom an Australian provider has an agreement for the provision of education (that is teaching activities).


​Where the student has been issued with a CoE to confirm acceptance by the registered provider and is occupying a place in the CRICOS registered course for which the student was accepted and is progressing towards the completion of the course requirements.

The period of enrolment includes scheduled breaks between study periods.

​ESOS framework

​Principally comprises the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act), the Education Services for Overseas Students Regulations 2000 (the ESOS Regulations), the Education Services for Overseas Students (Registration Charges) Act 1997 (the ESOS Charges Act) and the National Code.

​The ESOS framework is supported by the Migration Act 1958 and the Migration Regulations 1994 and various state and territory legislation relevant to the education of overseas students.

​International student

​A person (whether within or outside Australia) who holds a student visa as defined by the ESOS Act, but does not include students of a kind prescribed in the ESOS Regulations.

Where the student is under 18 years of age and the student is required to exercise rights or enter obligations as a legal person, this term may refer to the student’s parent or legal guardian.


​Transperth is part of the State Government's Public Transport Authority (PTA), and is the brand name through which the Western Australian Government provides public transport services in the Perth metropolitan region.

This includes Perth's public buses, trains and ferries.

​Unit ​A discrete component of study within a course; the term includes ‘subject’ and ‘module’.


Acronyms + abbreviations

​CAE​Certificate in Advanced English
​CoE​Confirmation of Enrolment
​CRICOS​Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students
​DEEWR​Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
Home Affairs​Department of Home Affairs
​DTWD​Department of Training and Workforce Development
ELICOSEnglish Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students​​
ESL        ​English as a Second Language
​ESOS Act​Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000
​FCE​First Certificate in English
​IELTS​International English Language Testing System
​OSHC​Overseas Student Health Care
​PET​Preliminary English Test
​RPL​Recognition of Prior Learning
​TAFE​Technical and Further Education
​TIWA​TAFE International Western Australia
​VET​Vocational Education and Training


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