Regional bursary for TAFE international students


    • Get AUD$5,000 to study, work and live in regional Western Australian (WA)
    • Limited time only
    • For students starting February or July, 2023 and 2024

    Applications now open! Studying in regional WA can provide international students with a unique opportunity to experience the amazing natural beauty of WA. With long stretches of perfect coastline along the mid west, forests and mountains of the south west, and tropical deserts and sandy beaches of the north – there are unlimited opportunities for fun and adventure!

    The Western Australian (WA) Regional TAFE International Student Bursary 2023–2024 gives students a chance to experience life in regional and remote Australia while receiving high quality education and training.

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    Bursary details

    Enrol in an eligible study package* at a WA regional TAFE college to receive:

    • AUD$5,000 bursary;
    • support to find employment in the region; 
    • help to find local accommodation;
    • access to potential migration pathways to extend your stay in Australia; and
    • a genuine Australian life experience!
    Student wearing chef attire in kitchen
    “The training at regional TAFE has been awesome and I have really appreciated the practical training which has not only developed my skills but also boosted my confidence, inspired my learning and helped me discover my passion.”


    Student Maria smiling

    “The regional TAFE’s modern and clean facilities were on par with what the city had to offer and I’m glad I made the choice to study in regional WA.”


    * Eligible study packages

    There are a range of different study packages available. Not all courses are available at all regional campuses.

    Download the full list of eligible courses, TAFE colleges and campuses [PDF 157 KB](PDF document - opens in a new tab)

    Regional campus locations

    Central Regional TAFE campus locations are Geraldton(opens in a new tab)Northam(opens in a new tab), and Kalgoorlie(opens in a new tab).

    South Regional TAFE campus locations are Albany(opens in a new tab) and Bunbury(opens in a new tab).

    The North Regional TAFE campus location is Broome(opens in a new tab).

    Eligibility criteria

    • 200 bursaries of AUD$5,000 are available for eligible students;
    • eligible students will be supported to find work and accommodation; and
    • available to students commencing in February or July 2023 and 2024.

    To apply, students must:

    • be an international student on a subclass 500 visa;
    • maintain a continuous enrolment over at least one year in a valid regional course pathway;
    • maintain ongoing residency in the nominated regional location for the duration of your bursary period; and
    • meet academic and English language requirements prior to commencement of each course.

    Apply now

    Apply online for an eligible study package [PDF 157 KB](PDF document - opens in a new tab) at a regional TAFE college and you will automatically apply for this regional TAFE bursary.

    For any questions please contact TIWA:
    Phone: (+618) 9218 2100

    Apply online(opens in a new tab)

    Last updated on December 9, 2022