Edson’s experience studying in a city alive with culture and natural beauty


    Moving to a new city to study can be both a fun adventure and a huge challenge. So, we reached out to TAFE International Western Australia (TIWA) alumni to learn more about their experience, what they’re doing now and what advice they could offer to others considering a similar path.  
    Here; we chat to Edson Dos Reis Borges, a recent graduate of TIWA, to find out his story.

    Why Perth?

    Edson originally lived in the busy city of São Paulo, Brazil. But he knew he wanted to move for his studies, as he is passionate about travelling, good food and meeting new people. 

    Edson wanted to live in a place where he could “slow down” without losing the cultural buzz of a large city. It was the mix of a chilled out lifestyle, beautiful beaches and cultural activity that drew Edson to coastal Perth in Western Australia (WA).

    When he began living in Perth in 2019, Edson fell in love with the city and its lifestyle. He first came to Perth to study English, but quickly decided to stay after pursuing his passion in science and technology at TAFE. He has since made many new connections here and now calls WA home.

    Edson is very glad he chose Perth. It has a stunning landscape, beaches, parks, hiking, flora and fauna, and is a unique part of the world. In particular, the sunsets are some of the best he has ever witnessed.

    Edson’s study and career journey

    Both a passion for technology and a degree in mathematics laid the perfect foundation for a successful application to study the UEE62111 Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology – Electrical at South Metropolitan TAFE’s Munster campus. Edson says he was initially drawn to the analytical aspects of the course.
    “I really wanted a career that involved analysis, technical drawings, construction and project development,” he says.
    Edson particularly enjoyed the practical application of his studies as it meant he was able to go into the field and apply his knowledge, helping to solidify a better understanding of class teaching.
    Edson says he found the experience of studying at TAFE both challenging and exciting. While his subjects required dedication, the resources available and the teaching support he received were essential to his success. 

    Additionally, his cohort offered him a network to depend on. This meant he was better able to tackle the challenges of developing friendships in a new city with people from all around the world.
    “What I liked the most was discovering that I could overcome the language limitations.” Edson explains. “You are not alone – it’s a mixture of people from all countries.”
    Edson says the course was a fantastic professional networking opportunity too, allowing him to interact with those working directly in the industry.

    Since graduating from TAFE in 2020, Edson was keen to quickly find work and put his knowledge to use. The networking opportunities at South Metropolitan TAFE helped fast track his search. He went after a job that put him in contact with electrical projects and planning work, and this has meant Edson has the financial support to continue living and working in WA.

    What next?

    Edson had originally planned to return to Brazil to continue his studies and find work. However, he found himself feeling very settled in Perth and has decided to stay. 

    He would like to undertake further studies in engineering while living in WA, and eventually pursue a career centred on helping people who are experiencing disadvantage.
    “I found myself wanting to stay in Perth, I met my partner and loved it here.” he says. “I have made friends and accompanied them on their personal journeys. I want to continue my study of engineering and help people.”
    Edson says if you’re interested in moving to Perth for study, you should research your chosen course well and make sure it is the right fit for you and your career. It’s important to challenge yourself and find a subject area that you are passionate about. 

    While taking up a new course may seem daunting, Edson emphasises that there is support available and a sense of community to assist you, saying that “Perth is a vibrant and beautiful city, with options to work while studying plus a great sense of community.”

    If you’re interested in finding out more, you can contact TIWA for advice(opens in a new tab) on how to navigate your study and career journey.

    Last updated on April 6, 2023